How to Bid

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1. How does an online auction work?

Online auctions differ from live auctions in that they happen entirely via the internet. In essence, the software system is the virtual auctioneer who controls bidding and the closing of the items being sold.

2. How do I know when an online auction ends?

First, look for the auction description, which should tell when the auction ends on the appropriate date. Lots close every 15 seconds. In other words, lot 12 will close 15 seconds after lot 11. There may, however, be bidding time extensions indicating a “soft close” that might affect the closure sequence.

3. How do bidding extensions work?

These kick in when items receive a bid during the final two minutes of the count-down clock. If this happens, the bidding time is extended by two minutes, just for that lot. This continues until you see a two-minute bidding period with no bids taking place. Again, this is just for the specific lot, while other lots continue on their regular countdowns. If the lot is popular, bidding can keep going for long periods of time.

4. How do I set up an online bidding account?

Go to the Gillanders Auctions HiBid site. Click on New Bidder up top of Register to Bid on the bottom and register.

Visit our How to Register page for detailed instructions.

5. I’m ready to bid. What do I do?

You will see a bidding window specified for each lot in the auction. Be sure to register first, then do one of the following:

  1. Log in, then key in the maximum amount you want to bid in the appropriate window and click “Place Bid.” Then you will be asked to either “Confirm Bid” or “Cancel Bid.” It is important to know that when you confirm your bid, you agree to a legally binding contract with the auction house that you will pay for successful bids, along with the applicable premium and taxes.
  2. You can also bid in real time as the lots are offered, as you would at a live auction. In this instance, you will also be asked to confirm your bid every time you advance in the required increment. The difference from a) is that you don’t reveal your maximum bid.

6. How do I know how much to bid?

The answer to this question is as individual as the people asking it. You decide what your top bid for a lot would be, just as you likely have a top bid in mind when attending a live auction. Think of it as an absentee bid at a live auction. In the case of an online auction, your bid is held in confidence, and the software will bid for you to top competing bids until your maximum is reached. As an example, if a lot is going for $100, and increments of $25 are required, and your top bid is $300, our system will accept and put in your bid at $125. Then if a $150 bid is received, our system will submit a bid of $175 and so on, until the item sells and/or your top bid is reached.

7. What are your minimum bidding increments?

Bid Amount Bid Increment
$0.00 – $9.99 $1.00 CAD
$10.00 – $49.99 $2.50 CAD
$50.00 – $99.99 $5.00 CAD
$100.00 – $97,500.00 $10.00 CAD

8. Although the auction is online, is it possible for me to place an absentee bid?

In fact, you can bid by telephone. Some people are not comfortable conducting their participation via computer. You register and provide credit card info. Call us during regular business hours to arrange for your absentee bids, which are typically accepted until Noon on sale day. If the sale will close outside of regular workday hours, you can place absentee bids up until 4 PM the last workday prior to the auction closing.

9. If this is an online auction, why do I see the words “floor bidder” in the bidding history?

“Floor bidder” is a generic term for bids that have been placed in the absentee bid manner. All absentee bidders are labeled the same, no matter how many absentee bidders there are.

10. Is there a way for me to see all my bids?

To log in to your bidder’s account, enter your username and password, and check your toolbox. There, you’ll find your current bids, bid history and bidder information.

11. As things happen quickly in an online auction, is it necessary for me to refresh my web browser during the active bidding?

The live catalogue refreshes automatically every 60 seconds. Current closing lots are shown with a countdown clock and the latest bidding information. We do, however, suggest that you refresh frequently in the closing moments of the items you are interested in. Remember, things do move quickly, especially toward the end.

12. When is the auction is over, and will I be notified?

Refresh your page, and when you see the clock has run out of time, you’ll know it’s over. In addition, we will post a statement that bidding is now closed.

13. What if I end up the highest bidder?

Hooray! Once the auction is over, we will notify you by email with an electronic invoice. Then it’s up to you to complete your end of the deal.

14. How do I complete my end of the deal?

Before you join in the auction, read the terms and conditions so you know where you stand. We will process top bids according to the credit card information you provide. Add we will debit your creditcard on file, typically 12 hours after close of sale. If you want to arrange payment differently, you must let us know at the time of bidding. When we receive your payment, we will send an electronic receipt by email.

15. I have heard of Buyer Premiums. Do you have those?

If a buyer premium is mentioned in the sale listing, yes; otherwise no. We operate by the old-fashioned, straightforward approach with no reserves or buyer premiums. Again, check the sale listing announcement.

16. How and when do I pick up my purchases?

You must bring PAID IN FULL invoice for pickup. The purchaser shall collect lots in PICK UP DAY ONLY as noted in the sale catalogue. We don’t staff our pickup locations so please be aware of pickup date(s).

17. If I need items shipped, how does that work?

Please inform us at registration if shipping is required to allow us to provide a quote and organize.

We offer world-wide shipping for all items allowed on UPS or Canada Post. Canada Post is the preferred carrier. Canada Post has a standard limit of 60 pounds weight.

A 10% buyer premium (10.00 min handling fee charge per shipment) will be added to your invoice to help cover costs to find your best postage quote, prepare packing and deliver package to drop off for shipping. Customer will pay for packing materials plus Canada Post or UPS rates. Most items ship in 1-3 days following sale.

If you require help or delivery of larger or heavy items, please contact us prior to sale and we will be happy to assist or direct you to a third party we utilize.

18. Can I consign items for a future auction?

Yes. Visit our Consign page.

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